Payment section

Role of the Payments Department

  1. Releasing provisions to all Divisional Secretariats of the Western Province under regional administration.
  2. Obtaining Appropriation Accounts from Divisional Secretariats under regional administration project and including such information in the appropriation account.
  3. Issuing provisions for local and foreign training for the officers of the Western Province and providing advances when training activities are carried out by the Training Unit of the Chief Secretary’s Office and Moranna Training Centre.
  4. Payment of such as all administrative expenses of that Centre.
  5. Maintaining a separate advance account to give advances and to re-settle as some time is taken to recover amounts from the relevant parties or taking actions to write off when items with financial value such as cash, stamps are lost.
  6. Issuing provisions when lands are acquired according to various necessities of the schools of Western Province.
  7. All payment activities of the Chief Secretary’s Office, including payment of salaries, loan advances, functions with regard to preparation of all accounts (appropriation account, advance account, accounts summaries) bank reconciliations and estimates etc.