Role of the Accounts and Payments Department

  1. Forwarding explanations for audit queries received by the Chief Secretary to the Auditor General.
  2. Taking necessary actions for the orders given in the Provincial Public Accounts Committee
  3. Preparing Provincial financial circulars, obtaining the approval of the Hon. Governor and issuing financial circulars
  4. Insurance activities of transit monies
  5. Application of management services circulars, Treasury Operations circulars, Public Accounts circulars, Management Auditing circulars, Trade and Investment Policy circulars, Public Business circulars, Public Finance  circulars and  Procurement  circulars issued by the Ministry of Finance and Planning to the Western Provincial Council
  6. Preparation of monthly accounts summaries
  7. Preparation Bank reconciliation
  8. Board of Surveys in various institutions
  9. Appointment of Departmental Procurement committees of Revenue Department, Company Registrar Office, Chief Secretary’s Office and Engineering Organization
  10. Giving approval for petty cash imprest/ ad hoc sub imprest
  11. Delegating powers under Provincial Financial Rule 83.
  12. Releasing cash imprest
  13. Obtaining grants from the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government
  14. Settlement of imprest
  15. Remittance of government revenues (Nation Building Tax, Stamp Duties)
  16. Daily investments, fixed deposits/ Repo investments
  17. Activities regarding Bank accounts

(Delegating power to open Bank accounts and sign cheques)