Budget Department

Role of the Budget Department

  1. Calling information on annual requirements from the institutions of Western Provincial Council, reviewing them and forwarding estimate needs to the Finance Commission by the relevant forms.
  2. Discussing with the Finance Commission regarding necessities and revenue conditions and functioning to obtain grant recommendations.
  3. Preparing annual financial statements, amendments to financial statements, supplementary estimates and appropriation statutes relevant to it and functioning to obtain the approval of the Council upon the approval of the Hon. Board of Provincial Ministers and recommendations of the Hon. Governor.
  4. Forwarding warrant permit to the Provincial Minister of Finance and obtaining authority for the expenditure.
  5. Functioning according to Weeramon Procedure for necessary amendments of estimate provisions considering office requisites.
  6. Obtaining approval of the Council for revising the limits of advances.
  7. Providing provisions under miscellaneous services project to the offices to bear necessary expenses in essential, urgent and unexpected situations.